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Civil Unrest in Nicaragua

Ryan Moore June 21, 2018 3min read The Builders Weekly

Civil Unrest in Nicaragua

Daily life has become difficult and dangerous for a population increasingly in open rebellion against the government of the country of Nicaragua.

Assemblies of God missionaries, Steve and Kim Sobey, sent out an urgent prayer request, “We need an invasion of prayer for Nicaragua right now! Get as many people praying as possible!”

There have been battles in the streets between protesters and police/paramilitary in just about every major town across the country. The drama playing out includes gunshots, motorcycle engines roaring, dogs barking, masked thugs robbing gas stations, others looting grocery stores.

At night the average home dweller feels like it is “every man for himself.” Explosions and gunfire right outside their homes are the soundtrack for human cries, “Help! We need a doctor. Help! He’s going to die!”

Amidst their completely barricaded streets, neighborhoods have become war zones. To sleep at night is impossible. The chaos and fighting go on all night.

Against this backdrop, Assemblies of God World Missions determined it necessary to evacuate the Sobey family, along with other AGWM missionaries serving in the country of Nicaragua.

There is a lot of Good News out there! Stay informed and be happy. 🙂

I’ll Take It!


For the Sobey’s, this development came at a time when King’s Castle Ministries was flourishing. Twelve Nicaraguan nationals have gone out to serve as missionaries to other countries, nine of which came up through the ministry of King’s Castle.

Builders International had already began a partnership with King’s Castle Ministries in Nicaragua to expand the ministry and training center, so they can continue to expand and pour into the young people of this country, as well as train leaders to go out and do the same.

Still hopeful even after having to flee the country so dear to his family’s hearts, Steve summarized his positive outlook, “For years, we’ve been training an army of spiritual warriors; and we believe it is for a time like this that these things are happening.

36% of the population of Nicaragua is under fourteen years of age. The median age is twenty-one.

Our fight is not against flesh and blood, but it is a spiritual battle for the souls of the children and youth of this nation. We are believing the Lord is going to use this conflict to bring a great revival to Nicaragua, and to the world.”

Builders International is in place to come alongside AG Nicaragua and be a network of teams and resources to help complete the King’s Castle Ministry Center, which will move them toward greater effectiveness in this area of the world. 

Please join us in praying for Nicaragua and the people who so desperately need Jesus. Pray for peace in this country, so the missionaries can return to do the work in which the Lord has called them!