Agnes Modisani is a graduate of Global School of Theology North West, in Rustenburg, South Africa where MAPS Construction teams are still working.

Agnes has begun to minister to the children who walk in the shoes she did as a neglected  and abused child.  She serves more than 50 kids every day, feeding them and teaching them the Word.

MAPS Construction teams helped build GSTNW which prepared her for ministry.  Now she builds and enriches  children on a daily basis.  That’s action transforming destiny!


“Your Action Transforms Destiny”

Let us know your interest, and we will help connect you to an opportunity.

We at Builders International believe Your Action Transforms Destiny, with our whole hearts.  Time and time again we have watched people invest their hearts and lives in people as they complete building projects.  Not only does it make eternity a little brighter, it changes them in ways they never imagined.

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