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We understand you are seeking a worthy cause where you can exercise your spirit of generosity. Our job is to find inspired, reliable projects and come alongside them. Once we have helped them through our process, you can be sure these projects are ready to move forward and will make a huge impact, they just need help. That’s where you come in. We connect them with you, the difference maker who can make it happen. This gives you the sure satisfaction of building hope in communities that need it most!


I’ve had the opportunity to take entrepreneurs to empty lots purchased with the intent to build a school and/or a church. Without exception, each man was moved with compassion by the need but also became extremely motivated to do something significant. Within every man is a purpose to be philanthropic in his cause – when he gains understanding of it – his life becomes a passionate pursuit. Builders International is one of the ministry vehicles that I point them to so they can do it right.

Neil Kennedy

Director, FivestarMan

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“At Builders International, we believe there are a lot of generous people in the world, yet locating a charitable giving opportunity that meets your standards can be a challenge.

Builders has a unique delivery system for doing good where it’s needed most, with a network of over 2800 associates around the world working in over 256 countries and territories.

Much of the ongoing work is among national partners and community champions, who are making a huge difference by reaching out to their communities.

Our project team has a continual flow of opportunities coming into the pipeline and they work tirelessly to filter these opportunities and help make sure they are shovel-ready projects.

I know you have endless giving opportunities. You give at home to help your local community charities, you give to your home church, you respond in times of disaster, and so much more.

Knowing this, I am very grateful to have a moment of your time.

I would love to speak with you to see how we may serve you in your generosity! Simply click the “Let’s Talk” button below and I’ll give you a call.

At Builders International, WE believe in YOU and in your passion for building hope where it is needed most.

Thanks for all you do and I look forward to speaking with you!” – Ryan Moore

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