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Together, we build hope

At Builders, we believe every person deserves a place to belong. We connect generous volunteers and donors with trusted community leaders around the world, and together we build PLACES where people find HOPE!

The Challenge

There are a lot of really great people who want to make a difference in the world, but legitimate programs can be difficult to find. Children need schools to get an education to make a difference in their families. Communities need a place to find refuge and help. People need training in order to find jobs to sustain their families.

At Builders, we understand there are donors and volunteers seeking a worthy cause toward which they can exercise their generosity. We find inspirational, reliable projects that are ready to move forward, but need help. Then we connect them with difference makers, the people who can make it happen.

Builders comes alongside these projects to form a strategy for success, while connecting them with amazing donors and volunteers who have the desire to make a lasting impact. This gives our partners the satisfaction of building hope in communities that need it most!

Our Approach

We see construction as a means to help people. The staff of Builders International stand ready to serve the generous donors and volunteers who build hope in communities around the world. We understand that only God, working through people, can bring transformation to a community, one person at a time. A strategically placed facility in a needy community can build hope in the face of hopelessness.

The Solution

It can be a challenge finding a shovel ready project that will make a long term difference!

Through Assemblies of God World Missions, Builders International has direct access to an international supply chain and delivery system for doing the most good.

This network consists of over 2700 missionary personnel in 256 countries and territories, partnering with national church partners that exceed 68 million people.

Our team works tirelessly among this network to locate community outreaches and ministries that are making an impact and have a strong “community champion” leading the cause. These champions simply need a facility to enable and expand their reach, and further their influence and capacity to help others.

Project Life

Without some help with a hand up, many of these projects will never get complete, leaving communities without hope. Local leaders working to serve these communities are limited in their opportunity to raise the needed capital for the project.

Our project team’s job is to maintain a steady flow of ready projects that meet your high standard!

As a result, our “Project Life” certified projects have long-term sustainability and offer a great return on your investment,¬†helping people and building hope in communities around the world for many years to come.

our history

We have a rich heritage of successful project completion. Our dedicated team considers construction their purpose. This heritage is built upon the foundation of a short-term volunteer construction team that built our first project in Freeport, Grand Bahama. More than 50 years later, this facility is still in use today!

builders Vision

Building for the good of people, everywhere.

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Builders International is proud to be a part of the International Ministries of the Assemblies of God World Missions.

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