About Builders International

Builders International is a construction ministry organization, building for LIFE around the world! We approach our work as a means of helping people.

Builders International was founded in 1967 under the name “MAPS Construction” by Assemblies of God World Missions. The purpose was to mobilize short-term volunteer construction teams to work on a variety of construction projects around the world. The services of Builders International have been expanded to provide missionaries and national churches with the expertise and resources required to plan, promote, and implement construction projects worldwide.

The team at Builders International understands the complexity of international construction and represents over 190 years of combined experience. We work tirelessly to locate and develop viable construction projects.

We understand that buildings don’t help people, people help people! Only God, working through people, can bring transformation to an individual life and a community. Our projects support an ongoing work in each location we build, under-girding a local community champion who is reaching out to help people locally day in and day out.

Vision: Building for the good of people, everywhere.

Mission: We deliver projects and services that bring transforming LIFE to the communities they serve.
There are 4 key elements to how we approach building:

  1. Building as a Partnership: Identifying and working with national partners (missionaries and national church organizations) that have a history of success, pattern of growth, and a sustainable leadership and financial structure.
  2. Building as a Strategy: Locating projects poised for maximum impact that have a capable local champion and are developing leaders. These projects are located through our network according to a predetermined set of criteria.
  3. Building as a Catalyst: Bringing people together around the cause of building for LIFE and transforming communities.
  4. Building as a Ministry: Our bottom line is to see people find hope through a life in Jesus Christ.

Here are some ways we can help you:

Builders International