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Engaging your people in missions is often a challenge! We make it easy to enlist your people in giving and mobilize your people to go! This will change their life forever all the while building God’s kingdom in communities around the world!

James River Church is honored to recommend Builders International in their endeavor to Plan, Promote, and Implement vital construction projects around the world.

Pastor John Lindell

Lead Pastor, James River Church

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“I’m a preacher’s kid, and couldn’t be more thankful for my up-bringing. I still remember one of my favorite days…communion day. I got to help clean up and drink all the leftover juice!

Pastor, you have a job that seems to be growing more difficult every day…to reach the lost in your city and disciple your people.

Even as our nation is blessed with so much, hopelessness seems to abound and people are busy beyond measure.

At Builders International, we believe engaging your people to give and mobilizing your people to go on a missions trip can change their life forever, all the while growing God’s Kingdom and building hope in communities around the world.

We would love to speak with you on the phone and help you to get your people engaged! Simply click the “Let’s Talk” button below. We’ll give you a call, and we’ll send you a helpful article called “Why Send Your People.”

At Builders International, WE believe in YOU and how you will enable your people to build hope in communities that need it most!

Thanks for all you do and we look forward to speaking with you!” – Ryan Moore

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