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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to have construction experience to join a team?

Not at all, just a willing heart to pitch in and make a difference. We need you to help us build hope!

Our team fell through, can you help us find another location quickly?

Yes, it’s highly likely! With our amazing team of missionaries stationed around the world, we have a great network that we can set in motion quickly to find a replacement that will work great for your team.

Do women often go on these trips?

Of course! We need everyone’s amazing gifts and hard working spirit to set build these places of hope. Women are incredibly valuable with all they bring to the team and the community we serve!!!

Where can we go and how much will it cost?

Good question! There are so many amazing opportunities where we could really use your help! Check out our current Teams List here. You can also look at ourĀ Projects List by clicking here, or feel free to give us a call at 417-582-0003, and we would love to chat with you!

Does Builders work with any denomination?

Yes! We are going to heaven together, so we might as well go ahead and start working together! We stand ready to help you find a project or mobilize your team!

Are there any last minute trip options?

A lot of times there are! You may be just who is needed to make a team completely ready to go make a huge impact in a community. Click here to look at our current Teams List. We may have more recent openings as well that you can check by calling the office at 417-582-0003.

Can I join an existing teams trip?

Absolutely! We often have teams that are still looking for someone just like you to round out the group. Check out our Teams List by clicking here for more detail or give us a call at 417-582-0003.

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