Missionary Services

Regional Project Manager – Your construction advocate

Our Process

Step 1: Initial Planning Meeting – Share your vision and look for a path forward.
Step 2: Proposal – We submit to you a proposal of how we could help and what cost that will add to the project.
Step 3: Acceptance – You review, ask question, clarify, adjust as needed.
Step 4: We get to work! – According to the proposed services.

Project Life Services

1. Plan:

  • Download our Construction Guide – a step by step guide to assist you in navigating a construction project.

2. Promote:

  • Post your AGWM approved project on our site to advertise for teams and fundraising. It’s free to AGWM missionaries. Go to projects.buildersintl.org/front/register to get started. You will need to use your agmd.org email address.
  • Below is a video tutorial. You can use the links below to jump to the section you need.

0:10 Site overview and Registration.
4:00 How to Post a Project. We go over what goes in the fields.
12:30 Team Info
17:07 Media tab. Videos, Files, Links, and Calendars.
19:09 Project managers and the project posting process.

3. Implement:

We offer additional services to help you walk through the construction process on a limited number of projects. To get started, simply call our office and schedule an Initial Planning Meeting. 417-582-0003


Other services we offer:

  • Warehouse – climate protect personal goods storage pods.  $25/mo – 8x8x4 – Located in Ozark, MO.  Call us for more questions and space availability.

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