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You lied to me...

Ryan Moore October 17, 2019 2min read The Builders Weekly

You lied to me...

“It was our first day on the boat. We were in Brazil, cruising along the Amazon River to our destination for the week. While talking to the other team members, several asked me if it was my first mission trip. It was! They told me by the end of the week, this trip would change my life…but they lied!

Praying for people, playing with kids, talking to people about what God has done in their lives, and providing clean water to those who have never experienced clean water…that was the true blessing. 

This trip has opened my eyes and changed how I look at things. People down there have so little, yet they are even more happy and cheerful than us! It showed me how truly blessed I am.

I was thrilled to go back to the team and tell them, ‘You lied to me! This trip changed my life on the first day!!!’ They were amazed! 

These are the words of 17 year old, Hunter Lindsay, who not only experienced his first mission trip last month but got to experience it with his grandfather! They spent the week on a boat in Brazil, building a church along the Amazon River with a team from South Texas. This was mission trip #44 for Hunter’s grandpa, Randall Ayers!

Hunter went on to say, “I’m excited to say that for the next five years, I plan on going on a mission trip once a year with my grandfather to see if God wants me to become a missionary like him. Because of my experience in Brazil, my sister has already signed up for a mission trip next year and my girlfriend is planning to go with me on my next trip! Thank you, Builders International, for helping me go on this wonderful trip. God bless you!”

Hunter received the Terry Bryant Scholarship from Builders International to help fund a portion of his trip.

Have you been on a Builders trip? If so, we can’t wait to hear your story. When you “Share Your Story” of how your mission trip impacted your life, it encourages others! Your experience may be exactly what someone else who is seeking purpose and an opportunity to serve needs to hear!