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Where God guides...God provides!

Ryan Moore April 14, 2021 2min read The Builders Weekly

Though the journey may be tough, God’s plan…done His way, will provide His resources and produce God-sized results! The daunting goal of building 100 churches in Uruguay seems like an impossible task, especially while starting the initiative in 2020. However, God’s guidance of Missionaries Steve and Jill McCarthy has led to the beginning stages of a mighty move of God throughout all of Uruguay!

As of now, 4 churches have already been completed, 3 more fully-funded, and one is currently being built! The greatest challenge is that the permitting office has been shut down. But just as God led Steve and Jill to the enormous task of doubling the number of churches in Uruguay, God has not left them mid-journey. They were able to submit all paperwork for the next four churches before the government office was closed and now they press on!

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