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We Won't Sit Idle!

Ryan Moore July 22, 2020 2min read The Builders Weekly

We Won't Sit Idle!

If you’ve been on a Builders International construction mission trip, then you know teams are vital to the work of Builders. Not only are the lives of team members changed, but work is advanced and our missionary and national partners are encouraged and empowered. We love to send teams. And teams help build places where people find hope!

So, what do we do when a global pandemic shuts down all teams??! 

We don’t sit idle!

This is where the power of our amazing network comes into play. Our missionary and national church partners are standing by, ready to keep the work moving forward.

The challenge is this…our projects no longer have the huge resource of teams, which brings physical labor, as well as project funding for construction materials.

And that’s when we reached out to our faithful friends like you. Thanks to our generous partners, the response to our appeal to help keep projects moving forward since teams cannot physically go was miraculous! 

Many churches sent in the construction funds for their teams so materials could still be purchased and local labor hired.

Because of this, great things are taking place this month:

That is what can happen when we all work together, even in the midst of a global pandemic! Even when we can’t go. Even when you can’t go. We won’t sit idle. The work can still move forward! You can still build hope!