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Ukraine War Church Reconstruction

Ryan Moore March 30, 2023 2min read We Build Hope and The Builders Weekly

Ukraine War Church Reconstruction

Check out this short video clip our missionary partner in Ukraine, Gerald Dollar, sent us yesterday! He is currently with two Ukrainian aid workers, helping people in destroyed areas throughout the war-torn country.

The area Gerald is in right now is still damaged, as much of Ukraine still is. However, many areas have been liberated and the people are heading back home and trying to find some normalcy. This means they are flocking to churches to find hope!  

Join us on Tuesday, April 8, for Taste of Hope | LIVE in a city near you to hear more from Missionary Gerald LIVE from Ukraine and his wife Jane who is currently in Poland. You’ll be given an opportunity to help with the Ukrainian War Church Reconstruction for 42 damaged churches in liberated areas of Ukraine.  

Come enjoy a meal with incredible people from across the country and help build hope for Ukrainians in their greatest time of need!!