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 Timothy’s Abode

Ryan Moore August 21, 2023 1min read The Builders Weekly

 Timothy’s Abode

This week’s project launch is Timothy’s Abode, a missionary training center preparing Ecuadorians to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.

The name Timothy’s Abode goes back to when the apostle Paul recognized the value of developing Timothy into a more effective minister of the gospel. Paul carefully selected Timothy to work with him in the ministry, equipped him for ministerial tasks, empowered him for success, employed him in a challenging work environment, and communicated to Timothy the value of their relationship.

Many unreached communities in Ecuador have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ even once. Timothy’s Abode is helping Ecuadorians catch the vision of missions and empowering them to become missionaries.

Students receive a practical, seven-month, intensive training to grow their cross-cultural understanding and equip them in preparation for their missionary service. Classes include leadership development, spiritual formation, global micro-business for sustainability, and bilingual training that will empower them to go into the unreached areas of Ecuador and to the nations!