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These Doors Are Still Open!

Laci Moore March 19, 2020 1min read The Builders Weekly

These Doors Are Still Open!

In the past week, we have seen many schools, businesses, and churches close their doors due to the Coronavirus. 

However, we were incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be in Southeast Asia* with a team last week to attend the dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony, as the doors were opened to the new women’s dormitory at a Bible school! *(Name of country and school withheld for sensitivity purposes.)

Because of our generous supporters of this project, this door will now welcome 100 women, day in and day out, as they study God’s word and advance the Kingdom of God!

As young ladies begin moving into the new dormitory, it will double the capacity of students able to study God’s word at the school! 

It was exciting to be with numerous graduates of the school who attended the ceremony. Many are now pastoring across this nation and already have multiple “daughter” and “granddaughter” churches! 

There are many beautiful doors throughout this country, but none more beautiful than this one…the door to the new women’s dorm!