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The Foundation

Ryan Moore October 1, 2015 2min read We Build Hope

The Foundation


The Builders International Foundation is our tool for Building for LIFE! We approach construction as a means of helping people. Builders International has a rich heritage of 49 years of international construction and our dedicated team of staff and volunteers consider construction their calling.

The establishment of the Builders International Foundation represents the next step in the progression of our ability to develop, fund, and finish projects. We leverage every dollar for maximum return and ensure funds are executed in a timely manner.

In a hurting world, 126-million school-age children are currently not enrolled in school. With an increase in demand for higher education in developing countries, there is less access to higher education facilities.

There is a shortage of public access facilities and infrastructure that range from Bible schools and churches to community centers and grade schools. In light of these challenges, within our worldwide network, every 45 minutes a new church is planted. These growing churches are often in developing nations, where much needed capital improvement projects are simply not possible.

Builders International has direct access to an international delivery system for “doing good.” This network of over 2700 missionaries in 240 countries gives us fertile soil to bring lasting change in individual lives and communities. As a result, our projects have long-term sustainability and show a great return on investment for capital improvement projects designed to help people.

We understand that buildings don’t help people; people help people! Only God, working through people, can bring transformation to an individual life and a community.

The Builders International Foundation funds buildings that help people. The staff at Builders International understands the complexity of international construction and represents over 190 years of combined experience. This team work tirelessly to locate and develop viable construction projects.

THE SOLUTION IS SIMPLE. We fund and deliver construction projects designed to help a hurting world.