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Do you want to WIN?

Ryan Moore October 11, 2018 1min read The Builders Weekly

Do you want to WIN?

Up to 300 Muslim children eagerly flock to the property where a ministry center is currently underway. Every week, the children arrive to play soccer, then they stay for juice and a lesson from the Bible taught by AGWM missionaries, Joel and Adrienne Charest!

This is what we call a “WIN!” 

The Charest family holds the soccer outreach every Saturday. Builders International has already helped complete construction on a mission home on the property. The multipurpose ministry center is now underway, which is the final major component of the site.

“WINS” are continually taking place across the globe! We’d love for you to join the fun!

We connect teams with missionaries around the world who need help with a ministry facility. Together, we build places where people find hope!

Thanks to many generous donors and volunteers like you, lives are being changed and projects completed…as you Build Hope in communities around the world.

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