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Meet Dr. Sharma

Ryan Moore March 15, 2017 4min read We Build Hope

Meet Dr. Sharma

While the country of Nepal consistently ranks as one of the poorest countries in the world, at the same time it is rapidly becoming rich spiritually. Flanked by Tibet and India, it is home to eight of the world’s highest mountains.

Church growth in Nepal over the last 20 – 25 years has been nothing short of miraculous. In 1970, Nepal was 0.1% Christian. It is now projected to be 3.8% by the year 2020! In the midst of this great movement of God, the Nepal Theological College (NTC), located in the capital city of Kathmandu, finds itself with no room for more students.

Nepal’s religious strongholds consists mainly of Hindu and Buddhist populations. Recent political changes have lessened the persecution and pressure on the church.

Nepal is the home to about 115 major ethnic groups, of which 96 are still classified as unreached. NTC IS MAXED OUT! Accommodations for more students will be KEY to snatching victory from the jaws with Nepal’s false religions!

A devastating earthquake in April, 2015, killed thousands of people, flattened villages, and reduced numerous heritage sites to ruin. Since then, political infighting has delayed much of the reconstruction, despite billions of dollars having been pledged. Materials are scarce and prices have increased, making Builders International’s involvement with NTC’s construction need much more challenging.

WE ARE NOT DISCOURAGED! Nepal has become home to the fastest growing Christian church per capita in the world! According to AGWM missionaries in Nepal, Jason and Kristi Loper, forty years ago there were only eight AG churches. Today, there are 800 official churches, and another 200 unofficial without pastors!

Kathmandu has been considered a “city of light!” During Medieval Times, Kathmandu was called Kantipur. This name is derived from two Sanskrit words—kanti and pur. “Kanti” is a word mostly associated with light; and “pur” means place, thus giving it a meaning of “City of Light.”

It does have a prophetic ring to it, considering this landlocked country was closed to the outside world until the 1950’s. This would explain why one of the uttermost corners of the world is seeing such high level responses to the Good News!

“For God, who commanded the light to shine out of the darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.”

[2 Corinthians 4:4]

Dr. Bal Krishna Sharma, President of NTC, spoke to us about the phenomenal spread of Christianity in his country, “From one thousand Christians in 1976, there are about one million Christians today.” He added, “From its inception, the Nepali Church has been a persecuted church.” It is obvious that the harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few, since there are only 50 leaders graduating each year!

13,000,000 Nepali people need to hear the Gospel. NTC exists for the sole purpose of educating those answering the call to be “sent out ones” for taking the Word to every area of Nepal. Special emphasis is put on areas where there is currently no active church body – those 96 unreached people groups.

Builders International is partnering with AG Nepal, Priority One, and Envision Nepal to build a 40×80, six-story building to provide dorm space for 100 additional students.

This doubled capacity will allow the school to prepare twice the number of graduates for carrying on this explosive growth in the AG Nepal Church!

Your tax-deductible gift will be one of the best long-term investments you’ll make in 2017. Not many people will ever get to invest in a “city of light!” Spiritually speaking, the expected growth rate of your return could be nothing short of an outcome of heavenly proportions!

Because of faithful donors like you, Builders International has met 60% of our commitment to the NTC project. Only $55,000 remains! If 5,000 people give $11…this commitment will be fulfilled! If 500 people give $111…this commitment will be fulfilled! If 1 person gives $55,000…this commitment will be fulfilled!

Please open wide your heart, mind, and spirit when determining how much you are willing to contribute to this very important project.

Let’s join God in continuing His revival among this population of seekers of the Truth.

Building for Life,

Ryan Moore
Builders International, CEO

P.S. Because of faithful donors like you, only $55,000 remains to complete Builders International’s commitment to NTC. Increasing the number of NTC graduates for the harvest that is waiting for laborers will stabilize this momentum of Kingdom advance that is well underway in the country of Nepal. Thank you for what you can do to make a difference!