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Meet Samuel

Ryan Moore December 16, 2015 6min read We Build Hope

Meet Samuel

Haiti is the only country in the world that has dedicated its government to Satan! The former president made voodoo the national religion!

As if that weren’t foreboding enough, Haitians are also threatened by other dire risks–the need for clean water, incredibly high unemployment, astoundingly low wages, deplorable living conditions, and the threat of recurring natural disasters.

Two miles for a drink of clean water was a normal daily trek for the residents of Zorange, a mountainous, farmland community located about 19 miles from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The population of Zorange is just over 10,000. The unemployment rate is 80 percent, while 88 percent of the population survives on less than $2.00 per day. Until now, quality drinking water was simply out of reach.

Thankfully, due to a partnership with Builders International and New Life Church in Connecticut, clean drinking water is now easily accessible right in their own community. This collaboration is responsible for two water wells placed in Zorange. The wells are strategically placed on the same property as a church, school, and medical clinic. It serves in bringing lasting change and hope to a community with great social and spiritual needs.

Builders International’s chapter in their story dates to the earthquake in 2010 when Pastor Samuel Lucien’s church was destroyed in Port-au-Prince. We partnered with Pastor Lucien and his congregation to assist with recovery from the horrible destruction. They are back on their feet and thriving, along with a new school the church funded itself!

As a result of the success and growth of Pastor Samuel’s church, he planted Victorious Life Assembly of God Church in Zorange. Frantz Pierre pastors the church plant in this voodoo-swarmed area of Haiti.

Michel, a former voodoo servant, expressed it best, “Now we have church FOR REAL!” He explained how people would attend other churches in the area, but did not experience the power of the Holy Spirit; so they would go back to the voodoo worship center because it is the “norm” in their culture. Imagine that!

Now that a building is in place, people feel it is a legitimate place of worship and it piques their curiosity enough to motivate them to attend. Numerous Haitians have been saved and delivered from voodoo worship since the church was built!

Pastor Frantz is so dedicated to making Jesus known in his community that upon completion of the church building, he endeavored to launch a school, which now operates inside the church facility. Pastor Frantz’s son, Fency, who is finishing his college studies in management, is the school principal.

Currently, 150 students attend Victorious Life Church School. Once the school facility is completed, enrollment is expected to double. This will give 300 students the opportunity to receive a well-rounded education, learn about Jesus, and experience His love each day! Given that advantage, the competition with voodoo practices would be dramatically diminished.

With approximately 90% of the country involved in voodoo worship, it follows that there is a significant lack of worthy schooling. If a child is sent to a government-regulated school, there is naturally a high risk of exposure to spiritual corruption.

Conversely, if a child is sent to Victorious Life Church School, they are assured of a high quality, Christian education.

New construction at the school will begin in January 2016; and, completion is anticipated by May to allow for classes to begin in the new school by Fall 2016.

Genevieve, a student from the school, proudly announced, “We will have our own building, where we can learn and worship our Lord. The devil is truly defeated!”

You can play a major role in making this vital project become a reality that will ultimately help the children of Zorange learn about Jesus, INSTEAD OF SATAN!

Another critical need is a facility for a medical clinic.

The proposed medical clinic will also be constructed on the same property as the church, wells, and school. It will consist of four rooms and be staffed by a doctor, along with a few nurses, two-to-three days per week. It will also be stocked with medicines and operate as a pharmacy.

With voodoo being the national religion, many Zorange residents turn to witch doctors for healing. A fully operating Christian clinic, will give the residents of Zorange and the surrounding communities the opportunity to receive proper medical treatment rather than demonic sorcery!

Here is how you can help bring spiritual and physical health, and a promise for a well-rounded education to the community of Zorange:

With $9.20, YOU CAN provide clinic space for one patient to receive quality healthcare.

With $67, YOU CAN provide 8 bags of cement for the school, so students will have an opportunity to learn on a firm foundation!

With $215, YOU CAN provide a roof and walls for one student to study in a safe structure.

With $460, YOU CAN provide clinic space for 50 patients to receive life-saving medicine.

With $920, YOU CAN provide clinic space for 100 patients, who might otherwise visit the voodoo doctor.

Builders International is privileged to partner with Zorange to complete the work on this property. Voodoo rituals cannot withstand the power of the Holy Spirit. “Upon this rock I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it” (NLT, Matthew 16:18b).

As CHRISTMAS is approaching, what can you do to help Zorange? Your financial gift will allow this Haitian community to see continued transformation. Thank you for your consideration.

Building for Life,

Ryan Moore
Builders International, Director

P.S. With the church and water wells already in place, the school facility and medical clinic will provide opportunity for physical health; as well as quality, Christian education for the children in this community to rise above the rituals that are rampant in their culture. WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP TRANSFORM THE COMMUNITY OF ZORANGE?