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Meet Rosa

Ryan Moore November 26, 2015 4min read We Build Hope

Meet Rosa

Rosa’s parents give thanks daily for the education their daughter is receiving from Latin America ChildCare, without which she could not continue studying. She is 13-year-old Rosa of Cienaga, Colombia.

One of Rosa’s mother’s goals is that Rosa receives a quality education; but her most important goal is for her daughter to grow in her walk with the Lord. Both goals are possible because of Latin America ChildCare (LACC).

The LACC school in Cienaga offers a complete line of kindergarten through high school classes and runs two sessions per day, AM and PM. Each session has approximately 310 students. Curriculum follows governmental guidelines and also includes Bible training and weekly chapel services.

Among the people most mindful of that looming possibility are Michael and Naomi Lawrence, AGWM missionaries who have served in Colombia for 24 years. The LACC school in Cienaga has reached its capacity, as both sessions are packed.

Developing a final level for an additional 200 students will mean all the difference for Emmanuel, a very intelligent five-year-old. Emmanuel’s mother died during childbirth. He lives in a rental house with his adoptive parents. His adoptive father’s below minimum wage bakery job, plus his adoptive mother’s pastry sales, are insufficient for tuition.

It is essential for this young Colombian with so much potential to receive assistance for his education. Caring people can be vital sources of funding for enlarging the capacity of LACC.

For only $250, you can make room for a student just like Emmanuel to attend school!

Contributions to this phase, which will include building and equipping a third level of the school, would reap an exponential value. For example, some graduates in the coming years will be equipped for creating new businesses, ventures that will strengthen their economy. Overcoming loss of income, should the once-healthy strain of bananas become extinct, will be vital to ensuring survival of the poor.

More importantly, those young adults will be sharing teachings of the Bible they studied at LACC, as they settle with their own families. Laying up treasures where moth and rust will not corrupt [see Matthew 6:20]. That ultimately is what this is.

Jonathan is one of those young adults who will soon be an example of success, and sharing the Gospel, because of his experience at LACC.

He lives with his biological parents and his older sister, in a run-down house. His father drives a bicycle-taxi. His mother’s small business is in the home. Jonathan works hard to make excellent grades—the kind of teenager people in Cienaga anticipate will become a leader, and have a positive impact on their economy.

Builders International is eager to be involved in this project. We’re asking you to please give consideration for a level you might choose in financing room for preschoolers-with-promise, like Emmanuel, reaching kindergarten age—the children of Cienaga, the future of Cienaga!

Your gift to make room for these students to attend this LACC school will make all the difference in their world!

$25 will provide classroom supplies for an eager student like Rosa!

$250 will make room for one student like little Emmanuel to attend school!

$2,500 will ensure that ten students like Jonathan continue studying through high school!

$50,000 will make room for all 200 students!

What can you do to help transform the future of Cienaga?

Your generosity means building for LIFE for many more children like Rosa, Emmanuel, and Jonathan—today’s students—tomorrow’s adults! LACC-educated and-inspired. These kinds of achievers, collectively, pose that desired, lasting effect on a little-known spot on the world map, called Cienaga.

Thank you for your prayers and financial gifts you may provide to help complete this project.

Building for Life,

Ryan Moore
Builders International, Director

P.S. The future of this at-risk population depends on the Lawrences’ faithfulness; Builders International; and very importantly, people like you who are willing to support the continuing Good Work. This has the potential for becoming the synergism that will make an amazing difference—for many, an eternal, AMAZING GRACE-difference!