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Meet Daniel

Ryan Moore October 9, 2015 5min read We Build Hope

Meet Daniel

Multitudes of children suffer the horrors of human trafficking; poverty; physical and sexual abuse; malnutrition; and abandonment in Santiago, Chile. Over 70% of the 6.5-million people in this city are born outside of marriage and many of those grow up fatherless.

These desperate children need champions who will rescue them and provide them with a lasting hope and an everlasting future.

They need protection from an abusive environment that their government struggles to control and change. These children ultimately need Jesus, the only true Hope.

Daniel Rojas is a young pastor who works in these areas of desperation. Having been born into an impoverished home, Daniel understands.

During high school, Daniel felt called by God into full-time ministry. He then attended Bible school and in the late 1980’s, he met Jim and Ester Mazurek, Assemblies of God missionaries to Santiago and directors of Santiago Children’s Ministry Outreach Center. They began impacting Santiago together and continue to, even to this day!

Over a number of years, Daniel who is lovingly known as, “Pastor Danny,” has been instrumental in rescuing children from abusive situations.

One day Pastor Danny was serving in the community and found four small children, “quatro ninos.” Siblings, Bryan – age 3, Jesus – age 5, Cassandra – age 7, and Ignacio – age 9, were wandering the dangerous streets of Santiago, Chile, with excrement dried to their legs from sodomy abuse.

The most threatening place for these precious children was their very own home, where they were exposed to men of horrible reputation and depravity. Their mother was a prostitute and drug addict, each child fathered by a different “John.”

Pastor Danny, a community champion, rescued these innocent children from the detestable environment and gave them hope. The “quatro ninos” eventually were adopted by a family in the church; and now they have found love and safety.

Pastor Danny and the Santiago Children’s Ministry Outreach Center literally saved the lives of these four precious children, who are now 12, 14, 16, and 18 years old.

Bryan, Jesus, Cassandra, and Ignacio continue to serve the Lord, nine years after they were found wandering the streets.

Victor was found aimlessly sauntering alone in the city, at just three-years old. He lived with his drug dealing, squatter parents in a shack by the train tracks. One day, Victor was playing with a neighbor girl in the shack. She found a gun and pointed it at Victor, then pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. Victor said it nonchalantly, but the reality is that drug dealers’ guns are always loaded—God had a plan for little Victor!

Soon after the outreach center staff found him, they discovered Victor’s father was sexually abusing him and Victor was removed from the home. He is now in legal custody of the outreach center.

Ten years later, through countless therapy sessions and the love of Jesus and the outreach team, Victor has a huge smile on his face and has been called into the ministry!

There are innumerable children with stories just like these on every street corner in Santiago. Pastor Danny, along with the staff at the children’s center are finding them, one-by-one, and bringing them off the streets to first provide immediate safety, and ultimately introduce them to Jesus.

The vision of the Santiago Children’s Ministry Outreach Center is: “Reaching children, raising up leaders.” That is exactly what Pastor Danny, along with the Mazurek’s and the rest of their team is doing every day.

We need your help to provide hope and a clear, long-term solution for the wonderful children of Santiago.

Builders International is partnering with Jim and Ester Mazurek to complete the first phase of the Santiago Children’s Ministry Outreach Center. The outreach center began as a children’s ministry, then a church grew from the children’s center!

This phase of building is the House of Refuge and will provide a kitchen, an auditorium, and classrooms. Upon completion, the facility will transform into a school that will impact the lives of 240 Kindergarten through 12th grade students, reaching them and raising them up to be community champions just like Pastor Danny!

Your gift will ensure that children like Brian, Jesus, Casandra, Ignacio, and Victor have a future and a hope.

Santiago desperately needs more community champions like Daniel to rise up and change the face of a city and its people. Through the prayers and gifts of friends like you, children will be reached, leaders raised up, and champions made!

The House of Refuge is underway. An additional $200,000 is needed to complete this phase. Please consider a gift to help complete this facility that will serve the children of Santiago for years to come. It only takes $20 to fund a portion of the facility, which will serve one child.

Will you give $20, $200, $2,000, $20,000 or even $200,000 to make room for these precious children to hear about Jesus?

With $20, you can make room for 1 child!

With $200, you can make room for 10 children!

With $2000, you can make room for 100 children!

With $20,000, you can make room for 1000 children!

With $200,000, you can complete Phase One, which serves 10,000 children every year!

Thank you for your prayers for the Santiago Children’s ministry Outreach Center and for making it possible, through your giving, for more children in Santiago to know the love of Jesus!

Building for Life,

Ryan T. Moore—Builders International, Director

P.S. The children of Santiago, Chile, are living in dark, impoverished, and abusive situations. Your gift of $200, combined with the help of others, will allow even more “Pastor Dannys” to be raised up and trained in the school so they can go out and take the light and love of Jesus to the harrowing streets of Santiago.