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King's Castle Ministry Center

Ryan Moore September 17, 2018 3min read We Build Hope

King's Castle Ministry Center

“HELP! We need a doctor! HELP! He’s going to die!”
Night after night those cries were heard as Nicaraguans found themselves in a desperate state of “every man for himself.”

Daily life has become difficult and dangerous, disrupting life for a population of six million people. Tens of thousands marching in the streets of the capital city of Managua in open rebellion against their government.

Neighborhoods became war zones. Gunshots, explosives, masked thugs robbing gas stations and grocery stores, served only to escalate the chaos!

Against this backdrop, Assemblies of God World Missions determined it was necessary to evacuate AGWM missionaries serving in Nicaragua, including Steve and Kim Sobey and their three children.

The Sobeys’ goal is to reach every child in Nicaragua with the Gospel, and then discipling them to become bold witnesses, declaring that Jesus saves and is coming soon!

However, even after having to temporarily give up their post in the country so dear to his family’s hearts, Steve Sobey is still hopeful.

He summarized their positive outlook:

“For years, we’ve been training an army of spiritual warriors; and we believe it is for a time like this that these things are happening.

Our fight is not against flesh and blood, but it is a spiritual battle for the souls of the children and youth of this nation. We believe the Lord is going to use this conflict to bring a great revival to Nicaragua, and to the world.”

36% of the Nicaraguan population is under fourteen years of age. The median age is twenty-one. One million of the country’s six-million population are in Managua.

This loss of law and order comes at a time when the ministry of King’s Castle has been flourishing. The Sobeys have prepared an established plan for evangelism among 4,000 of the youth in their city. 

King’s Castle has already successfully trained and launched a total of nine nationals who have gone out as missionaries to other countries!

Steve shared, “This is a crisis that will affect the country for years to come. We are praying for the Lord to open the floodgates of heaven to supply every need.”

Prior to the civil unrest, Builders International had already partnered with King’s Castle Ministries in Managua to expand their ministry and training center. This will become a place where these 4,000 youth belong…where they can learn, grow, and thrive!

YOU can be a vital part of building a place of hope, even now in the midst of civil unrest!

Resources will need to be ready and waiting as soon as these dedicated missionaries can safely return! Teams and funding are necessary to begin expanding once the Sobeys get settled back in Nicaragua.

The cost for progressing this portion of the vital ministry and training center toward completion is $50,000. This includes much-needed improvements, such as bathrooms, electrical, lighting, and plumbing, to make this facility functional.

You can build hope by providing $85, $250, $1500, or any amount to help ensure materials are in place as soon as we receive the go ahead!

Thank you for helping provide a place for the future missionaries of this beautiful country, who will be trained at this facility, then go out and impact the world!

We build hope,
Ryan Moore
Builders International Foundation, CEO

P.S. With as little as $85, you can help move this incredible ministry toward greater influence and effectiveness!