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Jehovah Jireh Church

Ryan Moore March 21, 2024 2min read The Builders Weekly

Jehovah Jireh Church

Families on the Caribbean island of Roatan, Honduras, have thousands of physical and spiritual needs that aren’t ministered to because Jehovah Jireh Assembly of God meets in a dilapidated lean-to shed and is out of space. The construction of a permanent building for the church will solve this problem and allow ministry to move forward.

This church has had an established presence in the community for 13 years. Even without a permanent facility, they’ve seen growth, but their ability to hold services and community outreach is limited. Recently, the church had the opportunity to purchase property next door to the shed where they currently hold services. The new church facility will be a 40×60-foot structure, including foundation, walls, roof, doors, windows, and electrical work. The local contractor and crews are secured and ready to build as soon as the funds are available.

Jehovah Jireh Church, pastored by Pastor Ruiz, is a beacon of hope on this Caribbean island. The completion of the new church building will allow for continued outreach in even bigger and better ways to meet the community’s physical and spiritual needs. Pastor Ruiz and his congregation are more excited than ever to have their own house of worship and continue to build lasting hope in the lives of thousands.