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It's Finally Unsealed!

Ryan Moore July 26, 2018 2min read The Builders Weekly

It's Finally Unsealed!

Builders International Project Champion, Carley Touchstone, brought back great news last week regarding The Good News Church in Tatarstan, Russia!

Carley stated the good news from Russia, “The temporary buildings have been unsealed!”

The workers, including the office staff, are back in the building. This comes after the building was officially sealed by the local government in March, due to “building code violations.”

Pastor “V” revealed, “The fact that the government unsealed the church facility is a tremendous sign that the government is now moving forward with necessary permits.”

The next step is the security passport. This is a document related to the anti-terrorism laws enacted in 2016. It’s required for all buildings that accommodate more than 50 people.

We are praying for the new building permit to be issued by August 15. Building materials are ready to complete the first floor as soon as the permit is issued!

Carley explained Builders International’s involvement in the project:

“Builders is committed to raising one-third of the cost of the building. The local church is committed to funding the remainder.

Our partnership provides accountability for donations, encouragement to the pastor and congregation, as well as funding to move the project forward. The outcome will be a beautiful building, strategically located in a city 600,000 people, where evangelism and outreach can occur only on the church campus.

The population is Tatar, an unreached people group, with 99% being Muslim or secularist.”

We appreciate your prayers for this project, and the people of Tatarstan!

Thanks to many generous donors and volunteers like you, lives are being changed and projects completed…as you Build Hope in communities around the world.

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