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End-Of-Year Opportunity

Ryan Moore November 7, 2023 4min read The Builders Weekly

End-Of-Year Opportunity

Gripped with grief after his 18-year-old son suddenly died, Sunny’s* Buddhist family rejected him, as they blamed God for his son’s death.  Heartbroken because of the loss of his son, Sunny couldn’t turn to his family for support, so he turned to the Lord and found comfort at N******* Church in Sri Lanka. *(Names changed and omitted for security purposes.)

Sunny is now a dedicated member of the church. He takes 100 gospel tracts from church each week to pass out on the train ride to and from work every day. He only makes $5 per day, but the Lord prompted him to donate a family heirloom gold necklace worth $1,000 to the church’s building fund. Even in the face of heavy persecution, Sunny stands firm in his faith in the Lord and continues to honor God. 

Sunny and the entire N****** congregation are all in and fully committed to seeing the church finished…and they need your help to make that happen!

In this morally broken world, full of human suffering, the often suffering church is bringing hope to hurting people, like Sunil, who are drowning in despair and trapped in a cycle of hopelessness with nowhere to turn when they need hope the most.=

That is when the generous Builders International community steps in to provide places where people find lasting hope.

Each building you help build is an effective tool that can serve even more hurting people like Sunny.

Thanks to your generosity, work is moving forward on projects around the world. Take a look at all the projects FINISHED in 2023!

  • India – Grace Church
  • Poland – Katowice Refugee Center
  • Nicaragua – Nindiri Church
  • Egypt – Egyptian Bible School
  • Ukraine War Reconstruction – 2 churches
  • Honduras – Lord of Hosts Church
  • Panama – 3 Churches
  • Ecuador – 2 Jungle Churches
  • Uruguay – 6 churches

That’s 15 churches, a Bible school, and a refugee center.

Three more projects need a final push to finish. Think of all the ribbon-cutting and dedication ceremonies we can celebrate in the next year!!

Would you consider an end-of-year gift to Project Shovel-Ready to help finish a Bible school, a church, and a children’s initiative project?

Bible School: 700 Cities Training Center, Poland – $460,000 to finish

Seven hundred cities throughout Poland are without any evangelical church that preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ. 700 Cities Training Center will be the hub for training church planters to bring hope to these forgotten cities.

Church: N****** Church, Sri Lanka – $40,000 to finish

Even in the face of heavy persecution, the N****** Church has experienced significant growth. Finishing the church will empower this congregation in an area tightly controlled by radical Buddhist monks.

Children’s Initiative: Valley of Blessing Youth Camp, Bosnia – $75,000 to finish

Sharing the gospel with anyone under 18 is illegal in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Valley of Blessing Youth Camp opens the door to reach young people and is now expanding to double its capacity!

Your end-of-year gift ensures those suffering around the world have a place to find hope! 

Will you help hurting people find a life of purpose while bringing light to the darkest corners of the world and offering a place where people find hope for years to come?

Thank you for considering an end-of-year gift to help provide places where people find lasting hope. If you have an asset-based gift, please contact our CFO, Larry Russell, at larry@buildersintl.org.