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David...the GIANT!

Ryan Moore October 24, 2019 3min read The Builders Weekly

David...the GIANT!

Pastors, missionaries, project champions, and giants of the faith extraordinaire, David and Doris Godwin, champion projects on behalf of Builders International. It is an honor to work with such an amazing community of Builders!

The latest Builders International project they are bringing awareness to and raising funds for is in northern Mozambique, Africa! 

Here’s what David had to say about this incredible project…

“THEY LIVE 10,000 MILES AWAY! They need CLEAN WATER, help with CONSTRUCTION, and the assurance of GOD’S GREAT LOVE! 

Most of these unique families suffer in deep poverty—multitudes without clean drinking water! The nation of Mozambique has 30 million people, 44% of these are under 14 years of age!”

As much as they need access to clean drinking water, even more so, they need access to the Living Water! That’s exactly what the Ministry Center provides!

The Ministry Center is strategically located in proximity to Mozambique’s most unreached areas. It is a strategic component of all planned ministries in northern Mozambique.

I know you will love missionaries Joel and Adrienne Charest…who already regularly hold outreach events in this Muslim village and the surrounding area! They reach the community through sports, specifically soccer!

Here’s how we get to help! The facility under construction will be a central location for leadership training, resource and curriculum development, as well as home to the Oral Learners Bible Institute, and much more. When completed, this new Assemblies of God footprint will effectively lend itself to leading these lost communities to an understanding that they can have eternal life by placing their trust in Jesus Christ. 

Phase One of the Ministry Center is now complete! The estimated cost to finish phase 2 and 3 is $30,000. $8,000 has just been given, leaving only $22,000 to completion!

David went on to say, “Doris and I prayed about this project and knew WE MUST SAY YES! Now we ask, what will you do to help us bring life-change to people, with millions living in such need?

We know God will use the church, the children’s center, and the ministry training and development center to do WONDERS for people of northern Mozambique!”

Check out more about the Mozambique Ministry Center here!

Take a tour of the Ministry Center in Mozambique!