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COVID Crisis Pity Party

Ryan Moore April 20, 2020 3min read The Builders Weekly

COVID Crisis Pity Party

A crisis is the perfect time for a pity party!

Lots to worry about. Lots of uncertainty. Lots of isolation.

Repeat after me…”Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I’m gonna eat some worms.”

Ok…feeling better yet?

Yes, now would be a good time to sit at home and feel sorry for yourself…OR…

You could take a quick look around, and notice…you are not in this alone!

In fact, this is a crisis that levels the playing field in many ways around the world. Never in my lifetime has the entire world faced a common crisis, with a combined threat of physical sickness, leading to the shut-in of so many, bringing much of the world’s economy to a standstill, in such a short period of time…and causing an even greater crisis of fear and worry.

It’s a great wake up call for you and I…to take time, notice, and consider…what is it that matters most to me? What am I all about anyway?

We certainly have an enemy who would like to isolate us, make us feel alone like we are the only one with troubles.

Here is a little good news for you, along with a challenge!

As a John Maxwell Team member, I so appreciate his insight on bad experiences. Here are three thoughts John shares in 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth…

  1. Everyone has them
    This may seem obvious, when we face a bad experience, a huge problem, something so challenging, it’s so easy to think we’re the only ones facing that issue. We all face a different challenge regarding Covid-19 however, we can rest assured, this is something we are all walking through together!

  2. No one likes them
    Is this how you feel… “I don’t like ups and downs, only ups and ups.” If only that were true. No one likes hard times! It is always good to keep our perspective in check.

    We all like it when it’s over, and the hard times are rarely as bad looking back.

    Remember…this too shall pass.

  3. Few people make bad experiences positive experiences
    It’s much more convenient to turn inward, to ignore, to divert, to pretend all is good. But what if, you approached each challenge on purpose, with the perspective of “Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.”

The COVID-19 crisis can become a positive experience… if you approach it on purpose. 

What are you doing to turn this bad experience into a good experience?

Lemonade is our favorite thing to make when given lemons…Join the Community and you can make lemonade with all of us at Builders International!!!