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Church Without Borders . Czech Republic

Ryan Moore February 8, 2024 2min read

Church Without Borders . Czech Republic

God’s fingerprints cover the Church Without Borders building project in the Czech Republic. Creating a church from any property in the most atheistic country in Europe iS no small task. They needed a miracle.

The cinema, to be converted, was won after a long and arduous auction process between the city and the church. Even after receiving the purchase rights to the building, the church faced a lot of difficulty. There was no hope of completing the project due to all the roadblocks set up by the government.

However, the miracle was already in the works many years before. The church, 20 years prior, established a Mother’s Club to create a place where mothers and children could come weekly to meet and develop community. Most of the attendees were not Christians. One such family was a mother named Jana and her daughter, Evička. After a few years of attending the club, Jana made the decision to follow Jesus. 

Her husband was not interested in attending church or having a relationship with Jesus. However, the death of his father changed that. In his walk through grief, Libor accepted Jesus! Throughout this process, he became active in the church’s struggle to buy the abandoned cinema from the government where the new church building would be established. He is not a politician, but through his gift of relationship building, he convinced the city government to allow the church to proceed and officially purchase the cinema!

God has provided a way through the everyday ministries of Church Without Borders to spread the gospel and advance the Kingdom on a new and larger scale than previously imaginable for the church in the Czech Republic. The completion of this project will spread hope throughout this spiritually dark country and to more families just like Libor, Jana, and Evíčka.