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Broken Road. Shredded Tire. Now What?

Jeremy Godwin May 20, 2020 3min read The Builders Weekly

Broken Road. Shredded Tire. Now What?

The setting was like so many others I had been in…cracked concrete floors, mismatched block walls, and a ceiling held together with termite devoured wood. 

Like many other house churches, there were also tear-stained benches from hours of prayer and a pastor whose family has dedicated everything to lead their congregation. 

Yet something was different about this particular moment. Squeezed in tightly behind the last row at the back of the room was a bicycle. This particular bicycle had experienced a full life, numerous times over, and was still being used on a daily basis. 

I soon found out the pastor rode this bicycle more than twenty miles each day to lead his community…all on a flat tire! 

I don’t know about you, but oftentimes I find myself in moments where faithfulness becomes embattled by inconveniences or hardships. Moments where I’m faced with the decision of pressing onward or just giving up. Moments when I wondered what could actually be done with the little I had. 

I can only imagine how many mornings this pastor woke up and asked if the ride is worth it. Yet, once again, he braves broken roads on a shredded tire to bring hope to the hopeless! 

I am reminded of a few simple truths…

  1. Faithfulness isn’t always easy.
  2. Resources aren’t always required.
  3. Living out your purpose makes it all worthwhile.

You may feel like you’ve been riding twenty-miles down a broken road on a flat tire over the past few months during this season of quarantining, social distancing, working from home, figuring out how to school your kids from home, or possibly even losing your job. 

If this season has been a difficult one, don’t give up! 

Remember the story of this pastor. And don’t forget the 3 simple truths: faithfulness isn’t always easy…resources aren’t always required… and living out your purpose makes it all worthwhile!

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