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A Quick Story for YOU!

Ryan Moore April 18, 2019 2min read The Builders Weekly

A Quick Story for YOU!

A big thanks to Watford City Assembly of God in North Dakota, Pastor Sheldon McGorman, for partnering with Builders in a huge way in 2019. This month they are blessing not one, but two villages in Togo, West Africa, with a new church building!

Shout out to Bill Thomas of Orlando’s Faith Assembly! He is in Togo right now, working alongside Togolese brothers and sisters to build the two churches generously funded by Watford City Assembly. What a great example of working together to build the Kingdom of God!

The national church in Togo is planting an average of one church per day and baptizing 18,000 new believers per year! There is an average of 2.9 churches per pastor.
Of all their needs, they have stated that building tabernacles is their greatest.

These facilities will set the church and congregation apart in rural African villages. The tabernacle is the center of life, faith, and community. Building tabernacles helps bring Christ to the center of these villages and communities.

While the African region has an estimated 83,000 Assemblies of God-affiliated churches, more than 28,000 of those churches have no building of their own. Those congregations are either meeting in the open under trees, using a simple structure, or renting a building.

The moral of the story…YOU can CHANGE the DESTINY of a community by providing a simple church facility!

So, here’s your next step….LET’S TALK! WE’LL HELP YOU find the right opportunity to MAKE YOUR IMPACT!