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500 Kids Will Soon Have a Chance...

Ryan Moore June 11, 2020 3min read The Builders Weekly

500 Kids Will Soon Have a Chance...

What if…we could help provide a place for 500 kids to be in school every day, who otherwise have no hope for an education?!

Thanks to the hard work of missionaries Daren and Heidi Walker in Guatemala, along with the generous giving of many, this dream is well on it’s way to fulfillment.

We received great news from the Walkers…work is moving forward, even in the midst of a global pandemic! They are nearing the end of Phase One of construction on the Berea ChildHope School. All that remains is the roof, tile, and interior stucco!!

Phase Two will include a play area with a dome that will double as a chapel. During a recent Zoom call with the Walker’s, they said the students will get to “play and pray” in this area! Phase Three will complete the project with a parking lot. 

Daren and Heidi are hopeful they will meet their goal of completion by October 15. The school year runs from January to October in Guatemala, so if everything goes according to plan, the new school will be ready for students by the beginning of the school year in January! 

The Berea ChildHope school is making room for more than 500 students who would otherwise not have an opportunity to be educated and will be a beacon of hope to this region.

Even as the coronavirus has shut down Guatemala, the ChildHope teachers have committed to getting school work to their students, even when it meant hand-delivering homework weekly to each student’s home. Now that’s dedication!

Through the ministry of ChildHope, many of these children are able to break the cycle of poverty and learn about the love of Jesus Christ. Because of the passion of the teachers, these children will learn about God’s love and be rescued from the destruction of poverty.

Their education will provide a foundation and the opportunity to excel in life. These at-risk children will be the next generation of leaders, missionaries, and Christians in Guatemala.

YOU CAN HELP finish this project and build hope for the children in Guatemala!