Life Through Death

Based on the true story of Jorge (named changed due to sensitive nature), who found salvation in his dying breath and lived to tell about it.


Bullet still in his arm

Bullet still lodged in Jorge’s arm as he told his story.

That’s the number of bullets that remained in Jorge’s shriveled body on a late spring evening.
The rest of him was a gory mess. Blood melded with dried mud; dead insects and feeding ants infested his wounds. In a deep state of unconsciousness and with his vital signs all but gone, Jorge lingered while death waited patiently for its victim.
Hours earlier Jorge had been lying in the hills of his home country until he was found, seemingly lifeless, and brought to a local hospital. At that time his 5-foot, 10-inch frame more closely resembled a freshly butchered pig than a human body.
When the doctors saw the 22-year-old, the diagnosis was clear—he was dead, or at least soon would be. There was little to no hope of saving him.
However, when the hospital notified his girlfriend, something unusual happened—she wouldn’t believe them, even after multiple phone calls. Her denial wasn’t uncommon—it’s often part of the grieving process—but not even coming to the hospital was.
Stranger yet, she had somehow convinced a military supervisor to order a reexamination of the body. To many, it was a giant waste of time. This father of two was on death’s doorstep, and squandering precious materials and effort on a lost cause was not the way the impoverished infirmary wanted to use its resources.
Yet, due to the bureaucratic powers that be, a doctor strolled back into the hospital room that held Jorge’s covered form. He lit a bright lamp before situating it above, popped on his latex gloves, and began to curl back the white sheet that concealed the broken body for one last look.
Then, just past 11:30 p.m. on March 17, 2013, God moved. — <Read More!>


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