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Your opportunity to support war-torn Ukraine

Ryan Moore March 16, 2023 2min read We Build Hope and The Builders Weekly

Your opportunity to support war-torn Ukraine

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, April 11, for a spectacular nationwide dining experience in a city near you!

This will be an evening unlike any other…you’ll meet extraordinary people, dine on exquisite food, all while supporting the war-torn country of Ukraine and 42 damaged churches.

Builders International is partnering with missionaries to Ukraine, Gerald and Jane Dollar, to orchestrate a LIVE, nationwide, multi-site, simultaneous dinner event! 

Join hundreds of missions-minded people from coast to coast for Taste of Hope | LIVE as we support Ukraine in their time of need and assist them in rebuilding damaged churches throughout the country.

Register Now because space is limited and locations are selling out quickly!

People are flocking to damaged churches in Ukraine even as the war rages on! As areas of Ukraine are liberated from opposing forces, churches offering hope in the midst of so much suffering will be restored.

You can help empower the local church as they continue serving their communities!