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World’s Fastest Growing Christian Population

Ryan Moore July 19, 2018 2min read The Builders Weekly

World’s Fastest Growing Christian Population

Sasha* was born to a Hindu family. As she grew up, she sensed an emptiness that needed to be filled. A friend invited her to a Christian youth meeting, and Sasha gave her heart to Jesus!

Her transformation came at a cost though, as her Hindu friends retaliated against her. One evening as Sasha hailed a taxi, her “friends” threw what she first thought was water on her. As her flesh began to melt, she quickly realized it wasn’t water, but acid burning her face, neck, and arms.

Thank God Sasha’s life was spared, and she continues to follow Jesus!

She now attends a Christian theological college** located in a South Asian country that is the number one fastest growing Christian population in the world!

Builders International is helping build a new six-story dormitory building for this Bible school with that will make room for 100 female students like Sasha! Every day, Sasha sees the scars across her body as a reminder that the Hindu people in this country desperately need Jesus! 


We just received an update from the president of the school, as he eagerly let us know about the progress, “The superstructure is complete, and the concrete slabs all the way up to the sixth floor are finished! The roof and finishing work remain.”

The school recently celebrated this year’s graduation ceremony, which is always an exciting time in the life of the school, as graduates head out to conquer the world for Jesus!

This college exists to prepare graduates for the task of carrying the gospel to all the unreached people of South Asia!


*Name has been changed.

**Name withheld because of sensitive location.

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