WOAH, BABY! | Builders International


Ryan Moore December 12, 2018 1min read The Builders Weekly


Did you know your business can support Builders International, and build hope around the world, at no cost?!

When your business signs up for credit card processing through Integrity, a portion of Integrity’s revenue will be donated to Builders International. Integrity matches your current rates, so you pay nothing extra to participate.

After matching your current card processing rates, Integrity donates 35% of its own net revenue, every month! You pay nothing more — and the money you are already spending now supports Builders International.

Special thanks to our latest Integrity Partner, BowBaby, for building hope! Visit the BowBaby website to see their sweet bundles in the new, patented, innovative, reversible swaddle.

BUILDING HOPE around the world is easy with Integrity’s Gift— and you don’t have to buy or sell a thing. Simply click the link below for all the details!

Integrity’s Gift is an easy way for businesses to make a difference at no extra cost.

Be an Integrity’s Gift Partner