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Unprecedented Destruction...

Ryan Moore November 7, 2018 1min read The Builders Weekly

Unprecedented Destruction...

It’s been four weeks since Hurricane Michael made landfall in West Florida. According to the Superintendent of the West Florida District of the Assemblies of God, Pastor Tommy Moore, the wreckage left behind is “unprecedented, as the wide-spread damage is 70 miles wide and 90 miles deep.”

The churches and people of West Florida are resilient! The photo above shows Life and Praise Assembly of God in Panama City. Their crumbling church building didn’t stop them from meeting together on Sunday! They set chairs up outside and had church!

As stated by Pastor Tommy, “The district has been working hard in preparation to host teams, which are going to be a vital part of the recovery and rebuilding process. We will need specialty teams, as well as general labor teams. Accommodations for housing are being arranged, and RV spaces are available.”

If you’d like to take a team to help in West Florida, you can contact the U.S. MAPS office. They stand ready to help connect you where help is needed most!

For more information on the destruction and plan moving forward, visit the West Florida District website.

This will be a long-term process of recovery. Thank you for your continued prayers for the people of West Florida.

Contact U.S. MAPS to take a team to help West Florida

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