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They thought loss, but God gave gain!

deborah sims June 24, 2020 3min read The Builders Weekly

They thought loss, but God gave gain!

In the Moment of Crisis

The hallways were empty and silent on the campus of Continental Theological Seminary (CTS). It had been a fantastic school year, but now all seemed lost!   

Suddenly, in one day everything changed. The staff watched as CTS students packed their bags and prepared to return to the safety of their homes and families.

The Coronavirus had invaded Belgium like the rest of Europe…and the world. 

At the peak of Covid-19, it was estimated up to 600 people a day were dying in Belgium. Like every other school and business in Belgium…and across the globe, CTS would have to close their doors too.

The CTS President, Dr. Joseph Dimitrov, explained how in moments of a trial like COVID-19, your dreams are tested and it is easy to question the plans God has given you. Discouragement can take over as the trial seems to dictate the circumstances. 

Dr. Dimitrov continued by saying, “I have never doubted about the faithfulness of God to CTS as we went through this coronavirus period.

James 1:2-3 says, ‘Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.’

The Coronavirus was one of those trials. We learned new virtues of endurance and patience.”

What was Loss, Now was Gain

Education in Europe is taught in a more traditional way in classrooms. During the time of the pandemic, the staff was given new tools and developed skills for teaching online. Fast forward three months…and every student passed their final exam after participating in these online courses! The graduating class of 2020 will have its commencement service on October 3! The new school year will begin in October, as well, with two first-time students from Greece and Honduras.

The school faculty and student body stayed connected, sharing testimonies of the goodness of God in challenging situations.

Now, at Continental Theological Seminary they are redreaming the dream. What was considered as a loss in the beginning, now is considered gain!

The Construction Phase is Happening

The architectural and engineering plans are completed on the Continental Theological Seminary expansion for the Pentecostal Center. Now begins the Construction Phase for the new dormitory, cafeteria, and administration offices. The Pentecostal Center will prepare students to reach the post-Christian culture with the good news of Jesus!

I’ll leave you with a powerful thought Dr. Dimitrov shared: “Tell me what your God is like and I will tell you what your trust should be!”