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The journey of a gifted leader . . .

Ryan Moore August 8, 2018 2min read The Builders Weekly

The journey of a gifted leader . . .

Rapid growth was the result when Life Change Church purchased property and a large crusade tent, six years ago!

Pastor Dario Mateo, a gifted church and community leader in Villa Altagracia, Dominican Republic, has been the pastor of Life Change Church for 15 years. When he originally came to the church, the attendance was averaging around 200.

They now have 2,000 members (and 500 children) in attendance each week! There is not a building in the country with that capacity!

The ministries and programs, which are fully funded by the local church, are making a difference in this community! Miracles take place each week, and Pastor Mateo baptizes 400 new believers at a time every few months!

Unfortunately, the used tent they purchased in 2012 is beginning to experience wear-and-tear. Also, the congregation is in need of more space for worship, as they are currently holding dual services on Sundays.  

Pastor Mateo has a vision to raise up ministers and missionaries who will be sent around the world!

These combined factors have served to increase the faith needed to purchase land, obtain a design, and get construction underway. Further plans are to purchase land connected to the church property and build a training center with dormitories.

The goal of this project is to give Life Change Church adequate space to continue this pattern of growth up to 5,000 people.

The church has already raised nearly 40% of the total construction funds, which is a testament of their dedication to this project…their church…their community…their country…the world…the gospel!

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