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Surprisingly Simple!

Ryan Moore November 1, 2018 1min read The Builders Weekly

Surprisingly Simple!

“Brand new eyes and a changed heart!” That is how Kila described her transformation after she went to Ecuador with a team from James River Church. Kila recollected the “takeaways” from her trip…

It truly changed my life! Our team anticipated manual labor and lots of rice and beans, but I have to say, the most impacting thing that I saw was surprisingly simple – it was happiness!

She continued describing families living in tiny homes with scrap metal roofs, dirt floors, and no plumbing. Few clothes and little food were ‘the norm.’

Yet they are happy. They aren’t overwhelmed by large loads of laundry or worried about electric bills, car payments, or mortgage payments.

The people I got to spend the week with were financially poor but spiritually rich. And that’s what makes them so happy!

This allows them to live a simple life with few distractions.

They love the Lord, love their families, and they smile all the time.

First-time missions trippers usually go to be a blessing, but most often return with a transformed heart and the feeling that they were the one who received the blessing!

Builders International is grateful to offer opportunities like this through the Terry Bryant Scholarship for those who have not yet experienced their first missions trip.

You can donate today toward this scholarship fund and bless someone with the opportunity to experience how “surprisingly simple” the most impactful part of a missions trip really is!

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