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That kind of place!

Ryan Moore June 6, 2018 2min read The Builders Weekly

That kind of place!

Everyone deserves a place to belong! The Santiago Children’s Ministries Outreach Center is a giant-step toward achieving that kind of place for Santiago’s spiritually-impoverished children and adults.

This ministry continues to exist to meet the spiritual needs of the children in this city of 7,000,000 souls. Nearly 70% of children are born outside of marriage, growing up to face the temptations of involvement in drugs, gangs, and other high-risk situations.

Their purpose is to direct those young lives in a way that will change the outlook of their present-day, as well as their eternity. What was started as a ministry to children off the streets quickly gained the attention of their parents, which turned into a church that now ministers to entire families!

There is a lot of Good News out there! Stay informed and be happy. 🙂

I’ll Take It!

Three phases will make up the campus: Phase One is nearing completion of its 3-story, multipurpose building, consisting of a sanctuary and cafeteria. Glory to God, the first service was recently held in the new sanctuary! Phase Two is a 3-story, elementary school for pre-kindergarten through 6th grade. Phase Three will be an athletic field, and will include a 20-bay parking garage.

An awesome team from Evangel Church in Bismarck, North Dakota recently returned from an exciting week-long trip, putting the finishing touches on Phase One!

You can take a team to help with our work in Chile too! Check out our website for all the information.