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Meet Tshepiso

Ryan Moore October 20, 2015 6min read We Build Hope

Meet Tshepiso

Nestled at the foot of Rustenburg’s Megaliesberg Mountain sits Global School of Theology North West, which trains pastors and leaders to take the gospel back to their hometowns.

On an otherwise ordinary South African evening in January 2009, a violent mob of armed men barged into Tshepiso Mohlala’s home and attacked his family with the intention of assassinating Tshepiso’s father, a politician planning to expose corruption. Not only was his father killed, but Tshepiso was also caught in the crossfire and shot in the leg.

Following this tragic event, things grew worse. The authorities tried to pin the murder on Tshepiso, using a shock belt and beating him, trying to force him to falsely claim that his mother orchestrated his father’s murder.

Unable to cope, Tshepiso resorted to drinking; and the family struggled financially.

For reasons unknown to Tshepiso, he felt a compelling draw to church. He made the decision to attend because he thought it would be a good place to pursue women. Instead, he found out about the unconditional love of God. Ultimately, his youth pastor led him to give his heart to Jesus!

Tshepiso’s passion to share the Gospel deepened. He felt a call to attend Bible school and his pastor happily recommended his alma mater, Global School of Theology North West (GST NW.) He sought God’s help for funding to attend GST NW. With God’s perfect timing, his family received a legal settlement with the group that had killed his father.

It has been six years since the mob attack, and Tshepiso is now in his third year of studies at GST NW, leading the campus as student body president. He also teaches his peers classes in the evening and he’s already pastoring in a nearby community!

Tshepiso is one of many examples of extraordinary students currently attending GST NW, seeking to do more good for the Kingdom.

An expansion to increase capacity that will accommodate growth is happening now at GST NW. In preparing to meet accreditation requirements, there is now a new library, computer lab, and classroom facility underway.

For only $89, you can provide a desk for a student like Tshepiso, who will learn leadership skills to successfully pastor a community. For only $40,000 we can complete the final phase of this project to meet the accreditation standards so that future students can continue their studies in pastoral leadership! What could you give toward that?

A prime example of a GST NW graduate is “Mama Agnes.” Neglected and abused as a child, Agnes Modisani was left alone on the streets to raise her younger sister. A miraculous provision was made, enabling her to attend this Bible school. Since graduating, she has been given the opportunity to minister to the children of her community, many of whom are orphans. These are children with no shoes, ragged clothes, and living in the squalor of poverty, neglect, and abuse.

The return on this divine intervention grows daily. Agnes cooks over an open fire in a large kettle on her small plot of land, purposely located between the children’s homes and their school. The children stop on their way to and from school. Mama Agnes gladly gives them physical and spiritual sustenance twice daily. These children have an up close and personal encounter with God’s love in action. Agnes is their community champion, which is why she is lovingly known as “Mama.”

Having been educated at a BUILDERS INTERNATIONAL PROJECT, made possible by financial gifts from friends like you, Mama Agnes now has a platform for doing even more good, bringing about sustainable improvements in her community.

God had a purpose for Agnes Modisani. He picked her up off the streets, set her upon a rock, and established her goings. Psalm 40:2.

Friends like you can be an integral part of the education of these unlikely servants He chooses to call. Often, they are in deprived economies, struggling for survival, and God is the provider. Your gift can create an environment conducive to learning God’s word, so that students like Tshepiso and Agnes of the future can continue growing in their knowledge of the Lord in order to obey the call God has placed on their life to teach, preach, and lead others in the dark and desperate places of South Africa.

• $21 will provide one student like Agnes with a chair to sit in as she absorbs God’s word!

• $89 will furnish one student like Tshepiso with a desk to sit at in his classroom to more effectively complete his studies!

• $3,000 will fill the library shelves with books and learning resources for Bible school students to gain further knowledge!

• $10,000 will complete the library so students can effectively learn leadership principles!

• $40,000 will complete the entire project, in order to meet accreditation standards and allows Bible school students to successfully finish their studies, graduate, and impact their region of the world!

BUILDERS INTERNATIONAL is partnering with Global School of Theology North West to expand this campus and increase enrollment of future leaders of South Africa. GST NW is a Regional Impact Project; which means upon graduation, students will be a positive impact on this entire region. It is more than a building; it is a catalyst to fulfill God’s Great Commission—REACHING THE WORLD with His Gospel.

Thank you in advance for your financial gifts that will extend the reach of this outstanding Bible school! Your prayers are coveted for Global School of Theology North West, its students, and its far-reaching impact. A form is enclosed for your convenience.

Building for Life,

Ryan T. Moore—Builders International, Director

P.S. Your financial gift will allow more people like Tshepiso and Agnes to be trained to go and be spirit-led influences to the increasing population of this city and region of the world. WILL YOU HELP?