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A Glimpse Into The Breathtakingly Beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands

Ryan Moore June 28, 2018 3min read The Builders Weekly

A Glimpse Into The Breathtakingly Beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands

Hurricane Harvey swept through the stunningly beautiful islands of Turks and Caicos and wreaked havoc last August.

A few weeks ago, Builders International missionaries, John and Deborah Sims, led a team to the islands to work on the Community Fellowship Center.

This is the home of Caribbean School of Theology, where pastors throughout the area come to train in biblical studies. There is also an elementary school on the property that will serve 200 children in the surrounding communities.

Deborah has a miraculous testimony of God’s healing in her life. She shared her perspective with us:

“It had been some time since I had the opportunity to travel on a work team with John. I wasn’t sure how useful I would be to the team. To my amazement the opportunities to serve were endless … meal prep, painting, serving water, shoveling mortar, moving chairs, playing with children, praying with and encouraging ladies, and much more!

But even in the midst of the sweet fellowship and teamwork, God lets you know that He sees the troubles you carry deep in your heart. One day I had finished preparing the lunch with Pastor Rachael. I said goodbye and left, only to realize I’d left my backpack in the school lunchroom. When I returned, Pastor Rachael responded with enthusiasm. She quizzed me about my health and said God had told her to pray for me. We shared a great time of prayer and dreams. God always knows!”

You are the Difference Maker who can build hope where it’s needed most!

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Deborah’s story is a perfect illustration that you can work for God’s kingdom no matter your circumstance! If you’ve been doubting yourself, but feeling God tugging at your heart to go … go!

You may doubt your skill set, but He doesn’t. You may doubt your financial status, but He doesn’t. You may doubt your age, but He doesn’t. When He calls you, He will provide what you need. You just have to step out and be obedient to answer His call … and go!

Additional plans are being made to complete a Creole Church in Providenciales, another location on Turks and Caicos Islands, where many families from Haiti found refuge after fleeing the devastation of the 2010 earthquake in their home country.

You can join a team to help the families on this island, or you can check out the many team opportunities listed on our website!